Quality Assurance

Pacific Rim Defense, LLC, (PRD) Quality Assurance approach and processes are embodied in our Management Processes and QA Program ownership at all levels.

Management Processes
PRD has the proven experience and capability to manage efforts under Seaport Enhanced. Our focus keeps us within our means and leverages our existing capabilities and resources to support the MEC, its customers and the Fleet. We apply cost savings guarantees and approaches as part of this proposal; hence we fully understand the necessity of efficiency and risk management.

PRD has management staff in place to provide oversight and agility to any effort. We have policies and procedures for Quality Assurance, Property Management, Travel, Security, Employees, Benefits, Purchasing, etc. Yet, we also understand that each situation may require adaptation and modification, specific needs, requirements, or limitations.

Our approach is to provide key management specific to a given effort as applicable. The Task Order or Program Manager for a given Task Order will have the full corporate resources at their disposal. However, they will also be given the authority and responsibility to adapt as necessary, within the corporate umbrella, to best service the customer.

In addition, we will propose and provide team partners on a Task Order basis, as required or necessary. With our established network of partnerships and working relationships, we have the agility to bring on complimentary support that best serves the task. We can leverage active requirements to best tailor our business relationships to provide the most cost effective, technical excellence to the tasks.

We will monitor all tasks from our corporate oversight. We will ensure financial responsibility and handle overhead management and support tasks in a central manner. We will also monitor deliverables, customer satisfaction, and quality assurance from the corporate level. We will provide for adherence to corporate principals, polices, and procedures and off-load Task Order staff from inefficient duties, best served by corporate oversight.

Monitor and Maximize Quality
PRD empowers the key Task Order or Project management to be fully responsible for quality and customer satisfaction. Part of the quality assurance includes the ability to elevate issues within the chain of command and resolution through corporate channels.

PRD works directly with the customer representative(s) to document quality and satisfaction and communicate the understanding of issues, both positive and negative. We foster open, honest communications and believe that although we strive for perfection, in the real world there are always issues to deal with. Our goal is to get those unavoidable issues out in the open, address, and resolve as effectively as possible.

Although the Task Order staff will be empowered and responsible for day-to-day quality, corporate involvement will be hands-on and active. We require monthly inputs, at a minimum from key management staff and are actively involved in monitoring financial performance and customer satisfaction. PRD management will survey customers for our performance and quality of effort and deliverable. We will request unbiased and open evaluations of our performance and staff. This includes our Task Order management and ourselves.

Specific areas, which can be monitored and tracked, will be objectively assessed. Areas of weakness or deficiencies will be appropriately addressed and documented to the customer to ensure resolution.